Biomedical Informatics

The BIBCE Core offers services and resources to support data- and technology-driven research for investigators across Rhode Island.

The BIBCE Core works closely with the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) and Brown University Library to address the breadth of data, technology, and computing needs for clinical and translational research.

Through the Unified Research data Sharing and Analysis (URSA) Initiative, the Core provides expertise and infrastructure for accessing and using large-scale datasets for health-related research. This includes storage, management, and analysis of health data within high performance and secure computing environments at Brown. 

More information about these resources and how to request access is below.

“ The Biomedical Informatics support went above and beyond what we needed for computation and data storage. Having all of our data sets in one secure location strengthens our ability to house data sets with sensitive information. With this computational support, we can focus on the science that matters for improving public health. ”

Ashley Buchanan, DrPH Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, URI College of Pharmacy

Data Storage, Management, and Analysis

The BIBCE Core is available to help identify options and solutions for storing, managing, and analyzing data from health data partners or other data sources.

This includes identification and use of computing environments at Brown (Oscar for high performance computing and Stronghold for secure computing), database management systems, and established data standards.

Within the Stronghold secure computing environment (“URSA Stronghold”), there are user workstations (Linux and Windows), database management systems (e.g., MySQL and Microsoft SQL), and a range of software for supporting analysis of electronic health data (e.g., Julia, Python, R, and SAS). 

In addition to URSA Stronghold, researchers have access to the high-performance computing (HPC) environment for analysis of data (e.g., de-identified health datasets). 

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Data Requests

The BIBCE Core facilitates access to a variety of datasets for health-related research through the URSA Initiative. This includes aggregate statistics and datasets  for local data sources such as electronic health record (EHR) systems at Care New England and Lifespan, the CurrentCare health information exchange operated by the Rhode Island Quality Institute, and Rhode Island’s All Payer Claims Database.   

Please request a service consultation with the BIBCE Core to discuss which data sources may best fit your research needs.

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Advance-CTR Statewide REDCap Instance

Advance-CTR is currently conducting a limited launch of a statewide REDCap instance that will be available to all RI investigators regardless of institutional affiliation.

Status updates and announcements on availability will be posted to this web page and in our weekly email newsletter. Please contact with any questions.