Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative services are available to all RI investigators through the Advance-CTR BERD Core. Services include research support for qualitative and mixed methods, and data analysis design.

“I was really impressed with Dr. Rosen’s [the service provider] ability to really dive into what I was doing and follow up to make sure things were going ok. It wasn’t a surface-level consult.”

Jacqueline Nesi, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Support 

Our qualitative faculty are available to assist investigators who are preparing grant and manuscript submissions, as well as with their funded studies. Services include: 

Pre-submission services: 

  • Study design and preparation
  • Original measure development and psychometrics
  • Coaching on qualitative methods design decisions (focus groups, interviews, cognitive interviews)
  • Review of qualitative grant sections and K award training plans

Post-award services: 

  • Post interview/focus group debriefing
  • Facilitation training

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Data Analysis Design

  • Applied Thematic Analysis: Get help identifying common themes in your interview transcripts or other texts, and draw out the topics, ideas, and patterns that come up repeatedly. 
  • Framework Matrix Analysis: Our faculty will help you understand and interpret your data by moving from descriptive accounts to a conceptual explanation of what is happening.

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NVivo Software Training 

Work one-on-one or in a group setting to learn the ins and outs of NVivo and how to utilize the software for your study. Support includes: 

  • NVivo project design and set up 
  • Best practices for coding and data analysis
  • Using participant demographics and survey data for mixed methods analysis

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Manuscript and Grant Proposal Review 

Get an expert’s eyes on your proposal before you submit. Our qualitative experts are available to review and provide feedback on grant proposals, with specific attention to your qualitative methods and analysis sections.

Please note: Please submit your review request 6 weeks ahead of your internal application deadline to ensure our faculty can provide a thorough review. Manuscript and grant submission reviews are not guaranteed for service requests that are submitted less than 6 weeks before their internal submission deadline.

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