Clinical Research

Clinical and regulatory support, biobanking, and more are available to RI clinical researchers.

Lifespan Clinical Research Center Services

Clinical and Regulatory Services

Located in the Lifespan Coro complex in Providence, the Lifespan CRC supports projects that require:

  • Complete project management
  • Tailored project support with participant recruitment, enrollment, data/specimen collection and or follow-up activities
  • IRB initial submission and or regulatory study maintenance

For general questions about access to the center’s services and facilities, budget preparation and costs, and scheduling for initial meetings, please contact Evelyn Hipolito, manager, at 401-793-8788 or email

Visit the center's website to learn more.

Biobank Services

The LCRC Biobank supports biospecimens that:
  • Require processing
  • ​Have already been processed
  • Are stored short-term and released
  • Are stored long-term and released
  • Are stored long-term with an unknown release date
  • Are from the research community
  • ​​Are from a commercial source

Any biospecimens that are collected under a Lifespan IRB-approved protocol are eligible for storage in the biobank.

The biobank supports the following types of biospecimens:
  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Solid tissue (FFPE/slides)
  • Whole blood
  • Peripheral blood cells or bone marrow​
  • RBCs, PBMCs
  • Saliva or buccal cells
  • Urine
  • Cerebral spinal fluid
  • Cord blood
  • Cord blood derivatives
  • Other biological specimens

Request Biobank Access

Lifespan and Brown have partnered to establish a Covid-19 biobank, housed at Rhode Island Hospital’s Clinical Research Center, to fuel research on this pandemic in our state.

The biobank includes the following samples:
  • Plasma (0.5mLs)
  • LI plasma (0.5mLs) 
  • Serum (0.5mLs)
  • PBMCs (0.25mLs / ~2.5M cells)
Data available for each sample: 
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Health Insurance Status
  • Social History
  • Medical History
  • Family COVID-19 History
  • COVID-19 Symptoms Experience
  • Clinical Actions Taken

Request Process

Investigators may request access to the specimens via the Lifespan/Brown Covid-19 Biobank Request Form

A multi-institutional committee composed of representatives from Brown, The University of Rhode Island, Lifespan, Care New England, and the Providence VA Medical Center will review the requests on a rolling basis.

Eligibility & Regulatory Procedures

  • Eligibility: All investigators at degree-granting institutions in Rhode Island are eligible to request access to Covid-19 biobank specimens.
  • Regulatory Procedures and IRB requirements: For sample distribution, an IRB approval or exemption letter from your institution will be required.

If the researcher is not affiliated with Lifespan, data requests and sharing of specimens will require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Data Use Agreement (DUA), as applicable. Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAAs) must be established between non-Lifespan investigators’ home institutions and Lifespan.

Sample Retrieval

Investigators will pick up specimens by appointment only after receiving the appropriate approvals. Samples will be available for pick-up at CORO-West, One Hoppin Street, Suite 4.200. The researcher will be contacted with the time/date and is expected to bring all appropriate transport materials (packaging boxes, dry ice).

Fees & Citation Requirements

Lifespan will charge a cost per sample. 

Rhode Island academic- and hospital-affiliated investigators: 
  • $75 - Serum & Plasma
  • $125 - PBMC
Bio-pharma fees: 
  • $150/vial - Serum & Plasma
  • $250/vial - PBMC​

Investigators are required to cite Advance-CTR on any grants, publications, presentations and/or other products that result from access to the Covid-19 Biobank. Please contact with any questions. 

Request COVID-19 Biobank Access

Clinical Trial Resources

Lifespan Clinical Trials

Find a clinical trial at Lifespan, or see a list of services on research groups, assets, and locations. 

Clinical Studies Database is a service of the NIH National Library of Medicine. It is a searchable database of publicly and privately funded clinical studies conducted around the world.


DIAMOND (Development, Implementation, and AssessMent Of Novel Training in Domain-based competencies) is a NIH-funded, collaborative learning space for clinical research professionals and other members of research study teams. Training and assessment items included in the DIAMOND collection are searchable by competency domain and provide information and links to offerings for study teams. Resources and trainings are available in the following eight domains: 

  1. Scientific concepts and research design
  2. Ethical and participant safety considerations 
  3. Investigational products development and regulation 
  4. Clinical study operations (GCPS)
  5. Study and site management
  6. Data management and informatics
  7. Leadership and professionalism 
  8. Communication and teamwork 

Explore the DIAMOND portal

Clinical Research Units

Explore this directory of core research facilities, clinical research units, and services and instrumentation in Rhode Island. Users may search by instrument type, facility, category, institution or center and view a comprehensive list of resources available to them in the state.

Regulatory Contacts (IRB and IACUC)

Institution Institutional Review Board (IRB) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Brown University

Sheila Vandal
IRB Manager

Vanessa Sherman
IRB Specialist


Butler Hospital

Cheryl Cordeiro
IRB Coordinator

Kent Hospital

Donna Coppola
IRB Coordinator

Dorinda Williams
IRB Coordinator


Candy Frater
IRB Manager

Jacqueline Poore
Research Compliance Program Senior Administrator

Providence College

Mary Harmon-Vukic
IRB Chair

Rhode Island College Emily Cook
IRB Chair
University of Rhode Island

Mary Riedford
Research Integrity Assistant Director


VA Providence Healthcare System

Val Micucci
IRB Coordinator


Women and Infants Hospital

Amber Latronica
Research Systems & Compliance Specialist