Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design Core

The BERD Core aims to empower investigators to design, interpret, and publish impactful health research.

Core Leadership

  • Dr. Jason Machan

    Jason Machan, PhD

    Co-Lead, Advance RI-CTR Biostatistics Core, Associate Professor of Surgery (Research), Associate Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)
  • Rochelle Rosen

    Rochelle Rosen, PhD

    Co-Lead, Advance RI-CTR Biostatistics Core, Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Chris Schmid

    Christopher Schmid, PhD

    Lead, Advance RI-CTR Biostatistics Core, Professor of Biostatistics

Specific Aims

  1. Provide easily accessible, multidisciplinary collaborative support for quantitative and qualitative research design, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination that can work seamlessly with and within existing health research structures.
  2. Provide training in study design, epidemiology, biostatistics and qualitative and mixed methods to clinical and translational researchers and research staff, delivered in a variety of formats, both synchronous and asynchronous (in-person and remote), using the latest educational methods and technologies.
  3. Facilitate the development and widespread dissemination of innovative design and analytic methods and tools for clinical and translational research.

My R01 proposal benefited enormously from the BERD Core's support to analyze my R34 pilot data and assist with the data management. Ultimately, my proposal received an 11-point bump upon resubmission and was selected for funding.

Katie Sharkey, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine
Katie Sharkey