Guixing Wei


Guixing Wei is a Senior GIS Developer and Spatial Scientist at Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) of Brown University. Dr. Wei’s main responsibility at Brown is to provide GIS technical and IT support, lead the scientific advancement of spatial analytics and help co-investigate GIS-relevant research projects. 

Dr. Wei’s research focuses on big geo-data analytics, human mobility modeling, health geography, and spatial epidemiology. Under the broad interest, one core question Wei’s research aims to answer is how the integration of spatial components helps understand the adverse social and health outcomes. During the pandemic, Dr. Wei has co-authored “Rhode Island and COVID-19 Report” to help decipher the geographic and socioeconomic patterns and trends that characterize the COVID-19 situation in Rhode Island. Wei also developed a companion website” COVID-19: RI Mobility Analysis” to help researchers trace how various human mobility indicators have been varying over space and time. Wei’s recent work includes the spatial modeling of RI COVID-19 testing and assessment of the spatial accessibility to testing sites. 

Wei has been collaborating closely with faculty members from Brown School of Public Health and Alpert Medical School. Much of the collaboration has been translated into recent NSF and NIH grant proposals with applications in tracing Marijuana users, analyzing human mobility data, assessment of accessibility, among others.