Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez, PhD

Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice


Rivera-Hernandez M, Blackwood K L, Moody K A, Trivedi A N. Plan Switching and Stickiness in Medicare Advantage: A Qualitative Interview With Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries. Med Care Res Rev. 2020 Aug 1;

Kumar A, RiveraHernandez M, Karmarkar AM, Chou L, Kuo Y, Baldwin J A, Panagiotou OA, Burke RE, Ottenbacher KJ. Social and Health‐Related Factors Associated with Enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans in Older Adults. JAGS. 2019.

Rivera-Hernandez M, Blackwood K L, Moody K A. “I Didn't Go on Medicare.Gov:” How Do Seniors Obtain Information About Managed Care Plans in the United States? BMC Health Serv Res 21, 146 (2021).


Advance-CTR Mentored Research Awards (2018)

"Medicare Advantage Plan Choice and Selection among Vulnerable Seniors"

The research focuses on two specific aims: 1) To analyze choice of alternative Medicare Advantage plans among racial and ethnic groups; and 2) To qualitatively characterize elements that are needed to determine better choice of plan among seniors. The Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research and the Department of Health Services Policy and Practice at Brown University offers an outstanding environment for scientific research in Gerontology and Health Services Research.