Why You Need an ORCID Identifier

Your name as an author is crucial to establishing a unique public profile throughout your research and academic career for publications and research activities.

But if your name is commonly used, if you've changed your name, or if you're affiliated with several organizations over your career, then there may be multiple name variants associated with your publications and research activities.

ORCID, short for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

ORCID is not limited to a specific platform and is a non-proprietary means of establishing your author name. It is linked among other identifier systems such as the Scopus Author ID, ResearcherID and LinkedIn; publishers such as Nature and APS; and funding agencies such as NIH and the Wellcome Trust.

In short, ORCID provides a universal, non-proprietary solution by linking your publications and research activities to you. 

Registration for the ORCID identifier is free and privacy settings are controlled by the individual. To register, complete a short registration form. Brown researchers may also complete the registration process here

Once you have your ID, you can enhance your research profile by:

  • including your ORCID identifier on your website;
  • on publications;
  • when you apply for grants; and
  • on any research worfklows to ensure you get credit for your work. 

Need assistance? Advance-CTR staff are available to answer questions and help you set up your ORCID identifier. Email to get started.