Community Engagement & Outreach Core

The CEO Core helps facilitate research endeavors that are relevant, accessible, and impactful to the entire state of Rhode Island. 

New in Phase II of Advance-CTR, this Core is built around a philosophy and culture of partnership and reciprocity. Community stakeholders participate in dissemination of study results, including publication and dissemination of study findings to the general public and the communities who stand to benefit from knowledge production. This culture and the Core's commitment to community participation at every stage of the research process will help ensure that the CEO Core's activities are relevant to populations who experience health disparities and to the Rhode Island community at large.

Core Leadership

  • Charles Eaton

    Charles Eaton, MD

    Co-Director, Advance-CTR Community Engagement & Outreach Core, Director of Primary Care and Prevention, Professor of Family Medicine, Professor of Epidemiology
  • Amy Nunn

    Amy Nunn, ScD

    Director, Advance-CTR Community Engagement & Outreach Core, Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Professor of Medicine

Specific Aims

  1. To elevate the health needs and participation of communities and patients in all research activities. We will develop a community advisory and action board (CAAB) that, together with CEO leadership, will identify priority health and research needs for the state of Rhode Island. We will define a shared mission and research agenda that responds to community health needs.
  2. To integrate community engagement and a culture of reciprocity into all aspects of Advance-CTR. Each core will integrate community engagement into its curricular, professional development and research activities.
  3. Infuse community engagement into a Practice-based Research Network (PBRN). We will expand the Southeastern New England Primary Care Practice-based research network (PBRN) by including patient and community advisory members as part of the research teams and by enlarging the PBRN scope to include other practices and health providers. 

Explore the Community Engaged Practice Based Research Network (CEPBRN)

The mission of Advance-CTR’s CEPBRN is to support research efforts between researchers, clinics, clinicians, and community partners that is collaborative and meaningful to all stakeholders.

Explore the Community Advisory Action Board (CAAB)

The Advance-CTR CAAB is a governance board that reflects Rhode Island’s diverse community.